A Journey

A photo with mountains. low clouds at sunrise, a silhoete of a man with a backpack heading out on a journey.

Every journey starts with the first step. Although, this is not my first step in advertising. It’s not even my first step in co-op-type marketing. And it’s not my first step in direct-response mailings.

So, I’m on a journey with a postcard co-op mailer. There is a familiarity to all that I’ve been studying and doing. And as with anything new I decide to do, I look to train with the best. And that’s exactly what I have done. I’ve also talked with several other people who are mailing co-op postcards, some of them friends and colleagues that were in an advertising business that didn’t work during the pandemic and is not ready to resume just yet.

There’s a lesson in that on this journey too. Sometimes there are detours along the path, and we need to pivot and be ready for what’s ahead. When we allow God to guide us, we take those detours with stride. It makes a journey more exciting.

As you can tell, this first blog post is just a short little bit about me, Jimmy, who is your postcard co-op guy.

This may be your first time promoting your business on a postcard mailer, and I would like to be your guide in this process. It’s actually an easy thing to do as we take care of everything. We know who to target, where and how to mail the postcards, and most importantly, how to create an ad that best promotes your business.

I believe every ad or piece of marketing material should do several things:

  • Branding for your business. (Not your main goal here)
  • Have a CTA or Call To Action.
  • Postcard mailers work well with Redeemable Offers (you may call them coupons or sales).
  • Each ad should tell your prospect the next action you want them to take.
    • Call, come in, email, order, etc.

You can hopefully feel confident in my services as I’ve been writing ads for businesses since 2009 and in marketing even before that.

I’m not alone on this journey either. I have a world-class graphic designer who has been designing ads and projects for me since 2017. We have a great working relationship. She gets to be home with her two boys while doing what she enjoys while earning her living.

Then the rest of the team like the guys who actually do the printing, turning out quality products, second to none and making it possible to offer affordable promotional material to our clients.

Then there are the delivery people, and not the least of all, the men and women of the USPS who will deliver each and every postcard to all the homes in your neighborhood. Yes, the communities where your customers and prospects live.

So, there you have it. The journey has begun, and it will take me to many towns and cities throughout Colorado and possibly beyond. Look for me or even contact me to see when I will be in your neighborhood.

I will be starting my journey in places like Montrose, Cañon City, Lamar, Buena Vista, Salida, and I may even give Colorado Springs a try. To be honest, though, I love the small towns and communities. I also love being in the mountains, on the rivers, tent camping, hiking, and many other outdoor activities.

So hopefully now that you’ve read the story my story, you will join me on this journey and together we will promote your business so we both grow our respective businesses. While you do what you do best, I will promote your business, so you get to do more of what you enjoy doing.

I do hope you enjoy what you do… I know I do. I also love to hear testimonies of success from my clients. I look forward to hearing your story of a journey made by you.

Contact me today to tell your story, a journey of adventure, all over your town, in your community. Maybe answer this question… So where is or where was your starting point of your journey?

A Journey Definition

Originally the word Journey had to do with travel. Today we talk about a journey through time, life is a journey, a passage of time – ie. boyhood to manhood, or has to do with our experiences like the story above.

Curious to know more? I like Noah Websters 1828 Dictionary – it’s the original Webster’s Dictionary. Here is his definition of Journey. 

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