Cañon City Co-Op Mailer

Hello Cañon City Business Community!! Start the year well – 2022 Strong!

Reach 13,000 households in Cañon City with your business message for only pennies to each home.

Participate in the Cañon City Co-Op Mailer.

USPS map of routes in Cañon City.
Cañon City Routes in Blue is where postcards wil be delivered to.

Your Business Message delivered to nearly 10,000 or 13,000 homes & buisinesses in Cañon City.

The CO-OP Advantage – Joining together with other local businesses we split the printing and postage costs.

Routes selected have a higher avergae household income within 81212.

Note: The 13,000 reaches 100% of 81212.

Why Postcards?

  • First, they are HUGE. 9×12 inch (larger than a sheet of printer paper) – Everyone will see it!
  • FRONT Page Viewing – no envelopes to open, no pages to browse through. They will see your ad as people look at the full color postcard. It’s that simple.
  • Exclusivity! Only one business per category. Only one roofer, one plumber, one beauty salon, etc. Eliminating the competition in advertising.
  • Affordable. No long term commitments. Reach each home for just pennies.
  • Color Sells. Full color ads including your logo and artwork.

How it works

  • You decide which size ad you want. Reserve Your Spot – one business per category.
  • We’ll design an ad for you, with your input of course.
  • You will get a proof and will be able to make any changes if needed.
  • We take care of the postcard design and mailing.
  • You get to reach your neighbors with your message.

It’s That Easy!…

information on an image of a sample 9x12 card explaining the benefits of a postcard co-op mailer.

Where are the Postcards Going?

Neighborhoods in 81212 both in-town and rural areas. With nearly 13,000 cards being delivered, they will reach will reach 100% of Cañon City.

Your 9×12 postcard will be mailed to households and businesses.

Both in-town and rural routes within the 81212 zip code.

The postcard will reach 100% of Cañon City.

Google map of Cañon City showing homes in town on the north side.
Just a few of the in-town homes in Cañon City. Can you count the homes?

What does the Postcard Look Like?

YES! 13,000 Postcards Printed with Your Business on Them!

Get Billboard Exposure Without Spending Thousands

Sample 9" x 12" postcardwith sample ads in full color on a grey background.
Sample 9” x 12″ Postcard – The postcard will look different than this.

To put the 9×12 postcard size in perspective, it is larger than a sheet of printer paper. It’s larger than a magazine. Get directly in front of thousands of local buyers with no competition, no pages to turn, no cards/papers to sort through, and no envelopes to open.

To see a video explaining the sizes, check out the video at the top of the Home Page / What is Postcard Co-Op?

Here is a one side of a Postcard mailed in November in Buena Vista, CO.

Just a note: The postcard going out in March will be a light blue background representing winter.

We can meet and I’ll be happy to show you actual postcards that were mailed out.


The Postcards will go out by the end of March 2022.

The deadline to get an ad is when your business category it is taken (sold out). March 18th is the absolute deadline to aquire an ad space.

How Do I Get on the Postcard?

Claim Your Cañon City Postcard Co-Op Mailer Ad

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Lock-In Your Spot Now!

Don’t let your competitor beat you to it. Only one business per category.

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Who’s Jimmy?

Most people in Cañon City have been to the Waffle Wagon at some point. I (Jimmy) have been offering the Tabletop Ads at the Waffle Wagon since 2009!! The current tables are still active as I extended the time they are in the restaurant by 18 months due to the pandemic.