Lamar & Wiley Postcard Co-Op Mailer

Hello Lamar & Wiley Business Community!

Reach your entire Lamar & Wiley Community & Beyond with your business message for only pennies to each home. Join other local businesses in the Lamar & Wiley Postcard Co-Op Mailer.

Boundary of 81052 & 81092
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Your Business Message delivered to nearly 5000 addresses in Lamar and Wiley!

The CO-OP Advantage – Joining together with other local businesses, we split the printing and postage costs.

Reach People with
Your Business Message.

Why Postcards?

  • First, they are HUGE. 9×12 inches (larger than a sheet of printer paper) – Everyone will see it!
  • FRONT Page Viewing – no envelopes to open, no pages to browse through. They will see your ad as people look at the full-color postcard. It’s that simple.
  • Exclusivity! Only one business per category. Only one roofer, one plumber, one beauty salon, etc. Eliminating the competition.
  • Affordable. No long-term commitments. Reach each home for just pennies.
  • Color Sells. Full-color ads including your logo and artwork, if you like.

How it works

  • You decide which size ad you want.
  • We will design an ad for you with your input.
  • You will get a proof and will be able to make any changes if you desire.
  • We take care of the postcard design and mailing.
  • You get to reach your year-round customers with your message.

It’s That Easy!

Explains how to get directly in fornt of thousands of local buyers. It's teh backside of a large postcard.

Where are the Postcards Going?

Your 9×12 postcard will be mailed to every address in Lamar & Wiley.

Everyone in the 81052 and 81092 Zip Codes.

All Homes, Businesses, and PO Boxes.

The area stretches north, south, east and west of Lamar.

5000 Postcards in our Co-Op Mailing

Just a few of the houses and businesses in Lamar

YES! 5,000 Postcards Printed with Your Business on Them!

What does the Postcard Look Like?

Get Billboard Exposure Without Spending Thousands

9 inch by 12 inch postcard with local business ads on them.
Sample 9” x 12″ Postcard – this one from Buena Vista

To put the 9×12 postcard size in perspective, it is larger than a sheet of printer paper. It’s larger than a magazine.

Get directly in front of thousands of local buyers with no competition, pages to turn, or envelopes to open.

This is brought to you by the same people (Jimmy) as the Tabletop Ads at BJ’s Burger!

How Do I Get on the Postcard?

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Don’t let your competitor beat you to it. Only one business per category.

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