Attract Clients w/ Menu Magnet Marketing

Innovative & Unique Way to Reach Your Community

Restaurant Owners & Managers

  • Are you wanting to increase your To-Go service?
  • Are you tired of the high fees of delivery services (Like GrubHub , Uber Eats, & DoorDash)?
  • Make more money for every to-go order since the customer will call you directly!
  • And what if you could do this for FREE? You Can – Really!!

Introducing Menu Magnets

  • We will supply you with MAGNETS with your popular TO-GO MENU items on it – FREE of charge!
  • Some local businesses will cover the expense by placing their business ad on the Menu Magnet.
  • You hand them out to your customers and since it is a Magnet, it will stick around for a long time.
    Most likely on a refrigerator or another prominent place like an office file cabinet.
  • Your neighbors will see your menu more often reminding them to call you for their next meal.

Interested in a Menu Magnet for your Restaurant?

See sample magnet below.

Paper To Go Menus generally go into a file, a drawer, or closet. But unless hungry people think of ordering food from you, they may not remember you at that moment of hunger.

BUT… with a magnet on the fridge, it creates top-of-mind awareness. Contact us today for a no obligation discovery call.

Business Owners

Imagine with me for a moment that you could have your ad right in front of your potential customers or clients so when they have a need they will call you… Well it’s possible,

You can have your business message on a Menu Magnet along with a restaurant to-go menu that will most likely be on the refrigerator door, file cabinet, or somewhere else where people will see it pretty much daily.

Why Should You Consider an Ad on a Menu Magnet?

  • Top-of-mind-awareness – people will see your ad regularly due to the menu.
  • Longevity – The magnet will “stick around” for a long time.
  • The Investment is low – And for a limited time, you’ll get an even better price.
  • Check the oldest magnet on your fridge. How long has it been there?
  • Magnets are used to hold pictures of kids and grandkids, a colorful drawing, or other important item. The magnet stays on top.

There are only 10 Ad Spaces per Magnet. They will go quickly. Some businesses get a double space ad, aka our large ad, which means only 5 spaces if everyone does that! Don’t miss your opportunity.

Interested in placing your business ad on a Menu Magnet? Contact Jimmy today…

Menu Magnet Marketing sample. Chicago Pizza to go menu with 5 advertisements.
Sample Menu Magnet. Every magnet is custom designed for each restaurant.

Where can you find Menu Magnets?

Jimmy focuses on Small Towns Throughout Colorado. That said, he has been known to go north, south, east, or west of Colorado to enjoy new locations and offer great advertising to small businesses for a low investment for each product.

His favorite way to show a product is face to face. But he is also tech savvy and can conduct business via the internet, email, and telephone. Video chats are second only to in-person encounters.

Contact Jimmy to find out what current projects/towns are available. There may be several at any given time.

Another Option is to suggest a restaurant in your town, and be the first advertiser on the Menu Magnet + You’ll earn a credit towards your ad if that restaurant signs up (which is FREE to the Restaurant)

Magnets that Attract Customers!

Distribution of the Menu Magnets

The restaurant will get 1000 menu magnets to distribute to their customers. People that like the restaurant will pin up that magnet in plain sight – like the refrigerator or at a business in their kitchen or on the file cabinet. It will help the restaurant increase their to-go orders and each time they go to the fridge they will see the menu AND the ads.

Additional Saavy Marketing Techniques to be Found Online

Setting up a Google Business Profile is KEY to be found online. Connect the offline with the online and you have a powerful combination to be found by those in your community!! Our digital marketing side of the business will SETUP a Google Business Profile for you. Click Here to See How It Works at JBL Action Marketing

Another Innovative Product by Postcard Co-Op & Printing and JBL Action, LLC.

Jimmy Laverty has been promoting small businesses in Colorado since 2008
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