Does Tabletop Advertising Really Work?

               Let’s take a look at tabletop advertising. You sit down at your favorite restaurant, place your order, then the server takes the menu. What’s left? The table of course… You can’t change the channel, you can’t turn the page and you probably won’t walk away since you just ordered your food. You’re a captive … Read more

How To Stand Out In A Sea of Businesses

Do you ever feel like you know that many people live near your place of business, yet the foot traffic doesn’t seem like people even know that you exist? This could be in a large city or small town. I was recently in the small town of Buena Vista and while putting together a postcard … Read more

Your Message to Your Community

With so many options to reach your community, how in the world do we know which is the best option, or the right option at any given time? Getting your message to your potential customers can feel like a game… “Choose to see what’s behind Door #1 – Door #2 or Door #3. When you … Read more

Why Use Direct Mail in an Internet-Focused World?

It is a good idea to occasionally step back and look at what is going on around us, especially in our own business. Start by asking questions, talk to others – be it, employees, partners, colleagues in the business, our coach, etc. Questions like: What kind of marketing am I doing? What is my ROI … Read more

A Journey

Every journey starts with the first step. Although, this is not my first step in advertising. It’s not even my first step in co-op-type marketing. And it’s not my first step in direct-response mailings. So, I’m on a journey with a postcard co-op mailer. There is a familiarity to all that I’ve been studying and … Read more