Does Tabletop Advertising Really Work?

               Let’s take a look at tabletop advertising. You sit down at your favorite restaurant, place your order, then the server takes the menu. What’s left? The table of course… You can’t change the channel, you can’t turn the page and you probably won’t walk away since you just ordered your food.

You’re a captive audience and human nature will cause you to read or at least observe what’s right in front of you – like the advertisements – full color, crystal clear, captivating ads of local businesses close by that restaurant. You’ll be there for 15 to 45 minutes or longer and probably commenting on some of the ads, which will spark word-of-mouth advertising – and who wouldn’t be thrilled with that?

Tabletop advertising at the Waffle Wagon in Cañon City, Colorado.
Tabletop Ads at the Waffle Wagon in Cañon City, CO

As a business owner, you want to know if your advertising is working for you. “I haven’t had too many people come in and say they came in because of the tabletop ad”, I have heard it said. But the truth of the matter is this; people generally frequent their favorite restaurants two to eight times a month. Studies show that people will take action on an ad only after seeing it five to fifteen times!

They may not have a need for a mechanic, a lawyer, or a plumber the first time they see the ad, but when a need arises, they may look at a local directory or search online and as they look, your name pops out since they have been having lunch with you for the last year or so. They call you and you may ask, “Where’d you hear about us?” They say, I got your number from Google… and even though the tabletop ad caused them to choose you, Google search got the credit. How sad…

That said, many business owners have said they have had
numerous new customers directly from their tabletop ad!

It happens all the time. The yellow pages, the internet search engine, etc. – and not that those marketing tools don’t work, yet there is a synergy that happens when you have various forms of marketing all working together.

Name recognition or branding is important whether you are a national company or a local guy. Why do you think “the big guys”, even though their name is well recognized continue to advertise? (Think of your favorite soft drink, battery, or car manufacturer) To keep people buying of course! Some of these companies spend millions of dollars a year on brand recognition. We have the solution for you in tabletop advertising and here’s why.

Tabletop ads on a restaurant table at Rib City in Montrose, Colorado

Our price! It is less than ten cents on the dollar compared to any other type of professional advertising. Tabletop ads have the same effect in your local community, where your customers reside, as national branding campaigns. We do get national companies that advertise on our tabletops occasionally, yet our mainstay is the small to medium business owner who wants to make a name for themselves in their field, in their town, and to their potential customers. In addition, tabletop advertising creates action with direct response ads, creates that coveted word-of-mouth advertising, and so much more.

So why not make a wise business decision – choose a tabletop ad that fits what you want to say, to whom you want to say it, at a price that is affordable for your business? Get your name out there; for today, tomorrow, and for the next two years or more as it will work for you day in and day out. Your community’s tabletops will do the talking for you!

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